Leadership St. Mary


To recruit and develop leaders who will be active and involved in moving St. Mary Parish into the 21st century.


The future focus of these leaders will be on improving the following aspects: business, educational, governmental, and community environments. Leadership St. Mary offers an opportunity to become invested, in the most active way possible, in the future of our parish.

Through this program, participants are exposed to a range of ideas and experiences that will best prepare them to guide St. Mary Parish toward achieving its highest potential.

Leadership St. Mary provides a continuing source of leaders by strengthening the following qualities essential to all who wish to serve effectively:
  • Knowledge of Our Parish
  • Individual Leadership
  • Civic Responsibility
In the course of the program, members will develop the skills needed to participate in the processes that form the foundation of civic leadership—coalition building, significant dialog, creative problem solving, and consensus building.


Leadership St. Mary promotes diversity and expands awareness by recruiting candidates from all sectors of the parish: business, public agencies, nonprofits, education, and other professions.

Each applicant, if accepted, must commit to participate in the 2-year program. The first year, the applicant must attend the monthly all-day sessions, which present varied approaches to the issues facing every community. Group members share their ideas and learn from each other’s experiences, as well as participate in exercises, field trips, and presentations by local leaders. After completion of the all-day sessions, participants graduate from Leadership St. Mary. During the second year, the graduating class completes a class project they selected based upon their learning experiences during the previous year.

See below for an outline of the curriculum.

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Who Should Participate?

Applicants for Leadership St. Mary include those who are interested in the future and what to make a difference. Leadership participants will find the program beneficial to their understanding our parish. Even those who have previous involvement in community issues gain new insights and develop new personal and professional relationships through their Leadership experience.

Leadership St. Mary is ideal for
  • Business and Professional People
  • Current Community Leaders
  • Non-profit Board Members
  • Executive Staff Members
  • Interested Residents

Application Process

Selection for Leadership St. Mary is a two-step process.
  • Complete an application and submit by the application deadline.
  • Following the application deadline, a selection panel reviews all written applications.
  • Final selection is based on the information furnished on the application.
  • Selected participants are then asked to make the two-year commitment to the program.
Now Accepting Applications for 2017

Steering Committee

Jason Bailey, Chariman. MC Bank  - Bio
Erin Sauce, Co-Chair.  Teche Federal  - Bio
Donna Meyer, Chamber of Commerce  - Bio
Kristy Toups, Holiday Inn of Morgan City  - Bio
Karla Byron, Louisiana Portrait Gallery  - Bio

Leadership Program Curriculum

  • Opening Retreat
  • Session I Education/Vo-Tech/Nicholls
  • Session II History and Culture
  • Session III Healthcare/Non-Profit
  • SIMSOC (Simulated Society)
  • Session IV Government/Law Enforcement
  • Session V Mass Media/Public Communications
  • Session VI Our Environment
  • Session VII Economic Development & Tourism
  • Session VIII Industry & Agriculture
  • Closing Retreat
  • Graduation
  • Class Project

If you have further questions Donna Meyer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Leadership Alumni

Jason Bailey
Ron Bailey
Karla Byron
Frank Fink
Donna Meyer
Erin Sauce
Kristy L. Toups

Business Directory


Franklin Office

Franklin Office
600 Main Street
Franklin, LA 70538
Phone: 337-828-5608
Fax: 337-828-5606
M - F, 8am - 2pm

Morgan City Office

Morgan City Office
727 Myrtle Street
Morgan City, LA 70380
Phone: 985-384-3830
Fax: 985-384-0771
M - F, 8am - 5pm